Outdoor Activities for Your Trip to Nepal

For those that love trekking and mountains, Nepal is a country that will give you this and much more. This is no brainer as this is home to the world’s highest mountain. Besides Mt. Everest, 7 of the tallest mountains in the world are also located here. This assures you that there are numerous hiking and trekking trails as well as outdoor activities to engage in. 

  • Trekking

Nepal gives you a unique opportunity to go trekking. It’s a place that will let you discover the Himalayas. There are numerous trails, breathtaking views of the Himalayan ranges and plenty of outdoor activities to engage in.  It’s estimated that over 2 million people head to Nepal every year with most of them focusing on reaching one of the highest peaks in the world.

  • Mountain Flights

The snow-clad mountains are a spectacle to behold. If you do not have the energy to go up a mountain and enjoy the views, you should opt for a mountain flight. All you need is to have time. The best thing about these flights is there are several of them throughout the day and they give an aerial view of the mountains. It’s a great way to go near some of the highest peaks in the world.

  • Mountain Biking

If you are an adventurer and you love the thrill of going downhill on a bike, then you should go for mountain biking. There are numerous cycling trails depending on your level of experience and how much you are willing to adventure. Bhaktapur, Budanikantha, Annapurna and Nagarkot are some of the most breathtaking cycling sites.

  • Heli-Skiing 

If you are in for an electrifying experience, you should try heli-skiing. This is not only a thrilling way to experience the mountain ranges of Nepal, but also a fantastic way to test your adrenaline. You get to see the pristine slopes, mountain peaks and lush green vegetation from different angles. There are many reasons why this has become a popular way of exploring the mountain ranges.

While in Nepal, the list of outdoor activities that involve mountains and you can engage in is endless. Whether you want to experience the mountains by trekking, zip flying, rock climbing or heli-skiing, you will not be disappointed. The snow-clad mountains, the lush green vegetation, and forests are breathtaking. Just dress for outdoor activities and be ready to satisfy your adrenaline rush.

Planning a Vacation to Accommodate the Interests of the Little Ones

You are planning a vacation but you have not decided whether you will fly out of the country or you will do domestic travel. It has been long since you went on a family vacation.

When you are traveling with minors, things are quite different from how you plan the travel as adults. It has to be planned in a way that it accommodates the interests of the little ones otherwise they will end up getting bored.

Incorporate Music

We all love music, as do the younger ones. If you are bold enough, take a guitar to play to your family. Of course if you have never played before you will need some practice first. But this could add to the bonding experience.

Traveling on a Plane

The seats in an airplane are not designed for the little ones and if you have small kids, it becomes quite uncomfortable for them. They will want to get out of that seat and do something else. To make them more at ease rather than grumpy especially during long haul flights, you should bring their car seat with you as this is acceptable by airlines. 

Vacation Driving

This is what most people will call a road trip to your destination. When you are taking your kids along, it’s advisable that you make them as comfortable as they can be. The road trip is part of the vacationing and this means everyone must have a good experience along the way. Ensure that they have their car seats and the car is not too packed. 

Accommodation Options

Another thing to ensure is that the accommodation that you go for is favorable to the little ones. Avoid options that are not spacious or they have flights of staircases. This is dangerous to them as they play. You also need to monitor them especially around swimming pools and other risky areas. Search for a hotel that is family-friendly with plenty of activities and amenities such as kids’ club. 

Transport Options

Choose transport options that will not keep you on the road for too long and won’t be too stressful. For example, there are destinations whereby public transport is not as reliable and may spoil the experience of the entire vacation. In such cases, it’s advisable that you opt for a cab rather than buses and trains.

Traveling with kids needs proper planning otherwise you will spend most of the time trying to control the kids. Consider the most suitable mode of transport, accommodation, and amenities in the places that you visit.  Plan in advance and do research on what you will need.

Fun Ways to Appreciate Barbados, Caribbean Islands

If you miss the sun, the sand and the sea, Barbados in the Caribbean should be your to do destination. Whether you want some life at the beach, you want to explore the many banana plantations there or you just want to see what the island has to offer, you will not be disappointed. It’s rich in attractions and activities for its visitors. 

Visit the Garrison Savanna Area

This is a site that gives you a chance to immerse yourself in the history of Barbados and its sporting culture. You can actually get to see some races in the area. The Garrison Savanna Area is important to the island in all aspects as it’s a declared UNESCO World Heritage site. This is also where you will see ruined barracks and fort buildings on the island.

Engage in Water Activities at the Bathsheba Beach

This is an experience of a lifetime since there are numerous activities to engage in.  Besides speaking with the Bajans and learning the local culture, you can engage in water activities such as swimming, surfboarding, diving and sunbathing among others. As you relax, sunbathe or take a walk, you will appreciate the beauty of the crashing waves and the cliffs around.

Explore the Capital City

A trip is more satisfying when you get to explore the capital city. Bridge town is rich both culturally and historically. If you want to see the historical side of it, you should visit the neo-Gothic Parliament Buildings, the Chamberlain Bridge and the statues of the grand colonial figures. There are plenty of eateries to appreciate the rich Caribbean cuisine and rum bars to socialize with the locals. 

It’s a Destination you can Visit Even with a Limited Budget

Barbados has a lot of things that you can do free of charge. This means that you can visit the island and enjoy your vacation without spending lots of money. There are eateries and varieties of accommodation options to choose from. Whether it is a luxurious hotel or a budget one, Barbados has something for everyone. There are various ways that you can enjoy the Bajan atmosphere once you are in Barbados. It’s an island that has all the components of a tourist destination and the beauty of the island is that you will be spoilt for choice. Whether you prefer the sun and the sand, or you like adventures, Barbados will take care of your needs.

Tips to help you Muddle through a Vacation

When going on holiday, you are never able to undertake your common routine. Blisters, sun burn, excessive sweat and dull skin are some of the things that you may experience. Don’t fret about what may happen with your body. The good thing is that there is always a way to muddle through.

  • Use Deodorant to Stop Blisters

Walking more than you are used to may get your feet blisters. It could be that you are out hiking or you basically had long walks. These are painful for a few days to come. You do not want this happening on the second day of your trip or any day at all. You can prevent blisters by rubbing your toes and ankles with some deodorant.

  • Use Teabags to Relieve Sunburns

Did you know that you can use teabags to relieve the effects of sunburn? The best thing about this is that teabags are readily available. You can get some from your hotel. They will not only eradicate the pain, but they will also relieve the heat and the stinging. All you have to do is soak some teabags in cold water until the water darkens. Once the water darkens, place the tea bags on the affected areas for about 30 minutes.

  • Use Apple Cider Vinegar on Your Hair

One of the things that will affect the color of your hair when you travel is sun exposure. This happens most when you have dyed hair. Besides sun exposure, chlorine and sea water also affects the hair. You can avoid this by using apple cider vinegar.

It’s advisable that you spray some vinegar over your hair. In addition to using vinegar, you can use lemon juice to improve the color. Just run some lemon juice in every part of your hair. This will keep the highlights in check.

  • Use Olive or Coconut Oil to Treat Razor Rash

Razor rush and bumps can be irritating and a shame. The redness, swelling, itchiness, small red bumps and tenderness will definitely be uncomfortable. While on holiday, the effects will be worse as it can prevent you from undertaking your activities such as swimming. To stop such results of ingrown hairs and the skin irritation from shaving, you can use natural oils.

By having various home remedies to sort out some skin and health issues, you will be able to avoid some injuries and relieve the pain when it happens. You can also use soap to soothe various types of insect bites.

Various Ways to Choose for Your Airport Transport

Having a friend or a family member take you or pick you up from the airport is a common thing. Although this is cost-effective and awesome to be dropped or be picked by someone you know, what happens when you are in a foreign country? You need a reliable way to move from one point to the other. There are various ways that you can get to and fro airport depending on what is available.


  • Airport Shuttle Services

If you are not in hurry and you are working on a tight budget, you should go for airport services where available. The advantage of using this mode of transport is that you will travel at reduced costs.

Although it is a cost-effective way to travel, you will be sharing the vehicle with other passengers and it will take you longer to reach your destination thus you have to be at the pickup point early.


  • Limousine Services

If you are looking for luxury in airport transfers, this would be the best option. It will definitely be pricier than other options you may have, but you will travel in style with a chauffeur designated just for you. To have the best price, check out the different limousines on offer and choose the most suitable.

There are the sedan limousines that can take up to 4 passengers while there are others that will take more than 16 passengers. Check with companies that have fleets of vehicles and make your reservations in advance. It is rare to find a limousine on standby.

  • Cab Services

In every airport, you will find cab services. It is actually the most common way to travel to and from an airport. Unlike limousines where you have to make reservations in advance, cab services are readily available and while some will charge a standard amount, others will use a meter to calculate the charges.

It is important you ask how you will be charged. For cab services, you have to pick a ticket to be assigned a car.

  • Train

This is one of the cheapest ways that you can go or leave the airport. Most locals opt for this but as a foreigner, you can also use it. It’s a great way as you will not be caught up in traffic running late for your flight. The most important thing is to know the timings of the train.

  • Public Transport

In most airports, you will find that there is an option for public transport. This is ideal if you do not have a lot of luggage. You will need more time on the road but it will be cheap for you.

Things to Know Before Going Hiking

Hiking is a great way to spend free time and it’s more interesting when there are several hikers involved. It could be that you just want a walk in the forest or you want an epic journey that will last for days, you can have all this. There are things that you should know before you embark on your hiking journey.


Keep Your Manners While on the Trail

Despite being in the ‘middle of nowhere’, there are trails that you should follow. These trails are followed by other hikers thus you should leave them as you found them. This means that you do not leave any trash on them and this does not mean that you threw the trash into the surroundings. Carry the trash with you. If you are going downhill and there are hikers going uphill, let them pass first.


Wear Appropriate Clothes


This is one of the most important things you can do while going hiking. This will enhance your comfort and safety. Shoes and clothes should not be too tight or too heavy. Wear gloves and clothes that will cover your body. This will prevent your skin from insects and plants that may harm it. Your clothes should also be able to soak up the sweat.


Have Sufficient Water and Food

As you hike, you will need to eat and drink. You should carry enough foods and water. If you are not able to carry lots of water, ensure that you can get it along the way and buy water purifier tablets. Those going hiking for the first time ask how much water and food they should take with them.


Pack dried fruits, cereals and protein bars among others that are energizing. Foods should amount to 11/2 pounds while water should be a pint every two hours.


Pack Your Essentials in a Backpack


There are light and sturdy backpacks that you can get. It’s easier to pack all the necessities in a backpack rather than a duffle bag. There are backpacks that are specifically meant for hikers and this is what you should get.

When you go hiking, it’s important that you take care of your body and health at large. If you are under medication, pack your medicine with you. Have the appropriate clothes according to the weather. Be ready for the attitude change and ensure that you take the necessary measures to stay safe.

Important Things You Should Never Leave Behind When Going On A Walk

Walking can be a very fun activity. But in order for everything to go smoothly, you need to have some important items with you. The reasons why people go for a walk vary. Most of the time people go on a long walk to relieve stress and become fit.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some essentials you need in order to walk comfortably and also to reduce or even prevent a serious injury.


In order for you to enjoy your walk, you have to wear the right kind of clothing. Sweatshirts are great, but if you are actually going to be sweating, it would be wise you wear something breathable, let’s say a sweat-wicking shirt, that is made up of cool max instead of regular cotton. You may also need a water resistant and windproof jacket. If the weather is really cold, you can add a wool or polyester material to your overall outfit. If the weather later gets warm, you can take them off.

Walking shoes

You can’t just use any shoe to go for a long walk. You need to invest in high-quality athletic shoes. If you settle for just any shoe, you might end up with a serious injury in your leg region. When buying a running shoe, it is important that you check if it fits you properly. Before buying a running shoe, you also need to consider the region or the area you plan to use them.


Now that you have a high-quality shoe you are going to use for your walk, the next thing you are going to need is a great pair of socks. You can get great socks for your shoes at the store where you purchased your shoes. When getting a sock, don’t just settle for the first one your catches your attention; rather look for socks that are made of fabrics like wool, CoolMax and other materials similar to them. Socks help to keep your feet dry and prevent you from having a serious injury in your leg region.


It is important that you carry a small pack with you while walking. Your pack should contain a couple of items you are definitely going to need during your walk. One of these items is water. One thing you should avoid is overloading your pack with things that you are likely not going to use.

Final note

There are many other things you are going to need in order for your walk to go smoothly, do some research and find out about these things so that you can enjoy every second of your walk.

Places Where You can Walk Your Dog

We love to go to strolls or walks especially with our pets. Seeing them mingle with other dogs and enjoying themselves as they roam around the place. These are best done in places that have a few people where animals are there as well.

This way, dogs can have exercise and at the same time have training on a daily basis. Through this dogs can be independent and free to go wherever they want to know how to go back to their owner. So, where can you really have a good walk at your dog?

On Streets in Villages and Subdivisions

You can try walking your dog on the streets of your place. It is near your house plus it is safe from cars and trucks roaming. These places are commonly where dog walkers walk dogs. They can mingle with other dog owners and their dogs can communicate with other breeds. It is also good because they can pair their pets for mating if they intend to because their houses are just near each other. It’s easy for them to choose on which would be best for a partner would be best for their dog since they are just in one place.

In Public Gardens

A place that can be good to stroll or walk at is in public gardens. This way your dogs can see the beauty of nature and get to use their senses as they observe around. This helps in making them aware of their surroundings. They can smell the fragrances of plants and can see its beauty. They can also touch them if they are curious on what the things in front of them are. Dogs can be sensitive when it comes to smell so the garden is a good aromatherapy for them.

In Parks

What would be a good place to go that a park with people just like pet owners. Most parks are where dog owners go to since there are many animals that stroll in parks. You can find birds and cats and other domesticated animals there. You can feed the animals there as well. Parks are known places where pet owners meet. Sometimes they have events there for pets. Sometimes they host festivals for animals like costume competitions and more. So, try going to these places and mingle with pet owners just like yourselves.

In Beaches

Many pet owners that are close to the see sometimes go to beaches to take their pets for a walk. This is good since you can have a breath of fresh air in this place. Your dogs can play on the sand and your kids can play with them as well like throwing a stick and letting your dog catch it. And beaches are a place of relaxation. You can make you and your dog relax just by watching the sea.

So, these are the places where you can have a good walk with your dogs. Try going to this places and see for yourselves. Hope you’ll enjoy walking with your dog as much as I do. Have a great day everyone.

How to Travel With Kids and Still Have a Great Time

Traveling with kids doesn’t have to be hard but a pleasant experience if you know how to handle it well. Whether they are your children, or you are babysitting and travel with the family, these few tips will help you turn the usual annoying travel with the kids into an amazing one. And still, have a good time yourself.

Take your time while traveling because kids actually don’t care about how long you will travel

Kids really don’t care about time pressure while traveling, so take as much time as you need. Want to stop at the gas station and go to the bathroom? Go ahead! Want to buy something to eat while traveling? Feel free to do it because kids actually don’t care when are you going to get to your travel destination.

Book your accommodation and traveling tickets ahead

To avoid searching for available rooms and to lower the cost of traveling, always book ahead. You wouldn’t want to get stuck in a situation when you have to wait to feed the kids after you find a proper accommodation.

Amuse the kids by giving them a camera, puzzles, new toys, teach them new games or illustration books

Keep the activities coming and amuse your children with new games, puzzles, new toys that will surprise them. You can even buy illustration books that most kids find amusing. Or give them a camera and tell them to shoot everything nice they see. That way you will be able to relax while they pretend to be professional photographers. You can also encourage your kid(s) to keep a travel journal they can show to their friends after. It’s another efficient way to keep them amused.

Get prepared for a different climate

You wouldn’t want your kids to freeze if where you’re going is cold. Get prepared for a different climate and don’t settle with the thought – ‘I will buy some clothes when we get there!’ Why spend the extra money? Just pack the essentials to protect your kids from getting sick and ruining your trip. However, always keep the basic medicine near you just in any case.

Instead of using taxi or a car, use the public transport or walk

Kids don’t care if you chose to ride with a car or a taxi. However, they find it interesting if you use the public transport. That way your kids will be able to observe other people, nature or infrastructure around and stay calm.

Get a child locator and be prepared for the worst

You wouldn’t want to lose your child in an unknown place, wouldn’t you? Invest in a child locator and be prepared for the worst. A child locator is usually a small unit attached to some part of your child’s clothing. You keep the transmitter and follow the sound if something goes wrong. It’s a smart investment and very useful.

Don’t let the kids pack their own backpack

Don’t let them pack all their toys just in any case and you handle the heavy backpacks after. Pack only the essentials and hit the road.

Top Travel Destinations You Won’t Believe Exist on Earth

Earth has so many beautiful places to visit, they almost seem untrue. However, they actually exist and are the most visited tourist attractions over the years.

Are you an adventurist who’s interested to travel someplace new and exciting?

If yes, these travel destinations will blow your mind and are something everyone MUST visit at least once in life.

Derinkuyu, the Amazing Ancient Underground City

In the Cappadocia region of Turkey hides a marvelous ancient underground city called Derinkuyu. The city remains as a popular tourist attraction over the years and it’s well-preserved. According to researchers, the underground city can house up to 20,000 people.  Derinkuyu’s gates remain open to visitors since 1969. However, the year of its building still remains unknown.

Giethoorn, the Small Venice of the North

If you wanted to visit a blending mix of rural and modern, try with the small Venice of the North, a car-free village. Located in the Netherlands, in the Dutch province of Overijssel, the captivating village called Giethorn will win your heart.

Although vehicles and roads aren’t allowed here, tourists can travel by foot over the charming bridges or by water. That’s why the village is known as the small Venice at first place. However, the most interesting thing to see here is the bohemian canals, tiny houses built over 200 years ago and the vivid flowers all over the place. You just can not love the tiny, medieval Giethorn! Or as many like to call it – the small Venice of the North.

The God’s Eyes Cave in Bulgaria

The God’s eyes cave in Bulgaria is a masterpiece of nature. It emphasizes nature’s ability to create almost unbelievable places that are a feast for the eyes. The God’s eyes cave or also known as Prohodna is located in north central Bulgaria, near the village Karlukovo.

As you may assume, the cave is most known for the eye-like holes that resemble God’s eyes. Visiting this place while the sun is shining can provide an amazing experience. However, giving a tour inside while it’s raining is just as amazing. According to people’s experience, when it’s raining inside, it seems like God is crying.

Lake Baikal, the Largest Freshwater Lake in the World

If you’ve wondered which lake is the largest, oldest and deepest, we guess we’ve found the winner – Baikal lake.

According to tourists, the lake is one of the most impressive lakes in the world. Walking on its frozen surface can provide an amazing and unforgettable experience. Located in the southern Siberia, the lake is 600 km long and 1,642 meters deep. The thickness is about 1,5-2 meters and it can hold up to 15 tonnes. However, some cars can still break the ice and fall down.

What’s most interesting about the lake is that in some parts it resembles a mirror and people are able to shoot ideal reflections. We think that these features are enough to make you put the famous Baikal lake on your travel list.

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