Top Travel Destinations You Won’t Believe Exist on Earth

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Earth has so many beautiful places to visit, they almost seem untrue. However, they actually exist and are the most visited tourist attractions over the years.

Are you an adventurist who’s interested to travel someplace new and exciting?

If yes, these travel destinations will blow your mind and are something everyone MUST visit at least once in life.

Derinkuyu, the Amazing Ancient Underground City

In the Cappadocia region of Turkey hides a marvelous ancient underground city called Derinkuyu. The city remains as a popular tourist attraction over the years and it’s well-preserved. According to researchers, the underground city can house up to 20,000 people.  Derinkuyu’s gates remain open to visitors since 1969. However, the year of its building still remains unknown.

Giethoorn, the Small Venice of the North

If you wanted to visit a blending mix of rural and modern, try with the small Venice of the North, a car-free village. Located in the Netherlands, in the Dutch province of Overijssel, the captivating village called Giethorn will win your heart.

Although vehicles and roads aren’t allowed here, tourists can travel by foot over the charming bridges or by water. That’s why the village is known as the small Venice at first place. However, the most interesting thing to see here is the bohemian canals, tiny houses built over 200 years ago and the vivid flowers all over the place. You just can not love the tiny, medieval Giethorn! Or as many like to call it – the small Venice of the North.

The God’s Eyes Cave in Bulgaria

The God’s eyes cave in Bulgaria is a masterpiece of nature. It emphasizes nature’s ability to create almost unbelievable places that are a feast for the eyes. The God’s eyes cave or also known as Prohodna is located in north central Bulgaria, near the village Karlukovo.

As you may assume, the cave is most known for the eye-like holes that resemble God’s eyes. Visiting this place while the sun is shining can provide an amazing experience. However, giving a tour inside while it’s raining is just as amazing. According to people’s experience, when it’s raining inside, it seems like God is crying.

Lake Baikal, the Largest Freshwater Lake in the World

If you’ve wondered which lake is the largest, oldest and deepest, we guess we’ve found the winner – Baikal lake.

According to tourists, the lake is one of the most impressive lakes in the world. Walking on its frozen surface can provide an amazing and unforgettable experience. Located in the southern Siberia, the lake is 600 km long and 1,642 meters deep. The thickness is about 1,5-2 meters and it can hold up to 15 tonnes. However, some cars can still break the ice and fall down.

What’s most interesting about the lake is that in some parts it resembles a mirror and people are able to shoot ideal reflections. We think that these features are enough to make you put the famous Baikal lake on your travel list.

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