Things to Know Before Going Hiking

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Hiking is a great way to spend free time and it’s more interesting when there are several hikers involved. It could be that you just want a walk in the forest or you want an epic journey that will last for days, you can have all this. There are things that you should know before you embark on your hiking journey.


Keep Your Manners While on the Trail

Despite being in the ‘middle of nowhere’, there are trails that you should follow. These trails are followed by other hikers thus you should leave them as you found them. This means that you do not leave any trash on them and this does not mean that you threw the trash into the surroundings. Carry the trash with you. If you are going downhill and there are hikers going uphill, let them pass first.


Wear Appropriate Clothes


This is one of the most important things you can do while going hiking. This will enhance your comfort and safety. Shoes and clothes should not be too tight or too heavy. Wear gloves and clothes that will cover your body. This will prevent your skin from insects and plants that may harm it. Your clothes should also be able to soak up the sweat.


Have Sufficient Water and Food

As you hike, you will need to eat and drink. You should carry enough foods and water. If you are not able to carry lots of water, ensure that you can get it along the way and buy water purifier tablets. Those going hiking for the first time ask how much water and food they should take with them.


Pack dried fruits, cereals and protein bars among others that are energizing. Foods should amount to 11/2 pounds while water should be a pint every two hours.


Pack Your Essentials in a Backpack


There are light and sturdy backpacks that you can get. It’s easier to pack all the necessities in a backpack rather than a duffle bag. There are backpacks that are specifically meant for hikers and this is what you should get.

When you go hiking, it’s important that you take care of your body and health at large. If you are under medication, pack your medicine with you. Have the appropriate clothes according to the weather. Be ready for the attitude change and ensure that you take the necessary measures to stay safe.

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