Fun Ways to Appreciate Barbados, Caribbean Islands

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If you miss the sun, the sand and the sea, Barbados in the Caribbean should be your to do destination. Whether you want some life at the beach, you want to explore the many banana plantations there or you just want to see what the island has to offer, you will not be disappointed. It’s rich in attractions and activities for its visitors. 

Visit the Garrison Savanna Area

This is a site that gives you a chance to immerse yourself in the history of Barbados and its sporting culture. You can actually get to see some races in the area. The Garrison Savanna Area is important to the island in all aspects as it’s a declared UNESCO World Heritage site. This is also where you will see ruined barracks and fort buildings on the island.

Engage in Water Activities at the Bathsheba Beach

This is an experience of a lifetime since there are numerous activities to engage in.  Besides speaking with the Bajans and learning the local culture, you can engage in water activities such as swimming, surfboarding, diving and sunbathing among others. As you relax, sunbathe or take a walk, you will appreciate the beauty of the crashing waves and the cliffs around.

Explore the Capital City

A trip is more satisfying when you get to explore the capital city. Bridge town is rich both culturally and historically. If you want to see the historical side of it, you should visit the neo-Gothic Parliament Buildings, the Chamberlain Bridge and the statues of the grand colonial figures. There are plenty of eateries to appreciate the rich Caribbean cuisine and rum bars to socialize with the locals. 

It’s a Destination you can Visit Even with a Limited Budget

Barbados has a lot of things that you can do free of charge. This means that you can visit the island and enjoy your vacation without spending lots of money. There are eateries and varieties of accommodation options to choose from. Whether it is a luxurious hotel or a budget one, Barbados has something for everyone. There are various ways that you can enjoy the Bajan atmosphere once you are in Barbados. It’s an island that has all the components of a tourist destination and the beauty of the island is that you will be spoilt for choice. Whether you prefer the sun and the sand, or you like adventures, Barbados will take care of your needs.

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